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Hand made Opulus hardwood stands

March 2016

March sees the introduction of our dedicated stands for our best selling model Opulus.

Bolted on at manufacture or available to existing owners of this model.

Hand crafted out of various hardwoods in a beautiful design to compliment this ever popular model.

Please contact us for pricing and further information.

Absolute Sound & Leema Acoustics

February 2016

Robson Acoustics joins forces with India and welcomes a prestigious new International distributor to our growing list of dealers.

Absolute Sound based in the Jarat area of India will be concentrating on our high end Voltaire range of products to compliment their need for incredible clarity at high spl's to cater for the ever growing Bollywood requirements.

We look forward to a great business relationship with the team at Absolute Sound.

February also sees Robson Acoustics becoming Leema Acoustics centre for Scotland.

It has taken many years to find a brand to perfectly compliment our range of loudspeakers.

Their Constellation range of products are simply incredible and are now on full demonstration in our dedicated media rooms.

The Big Picture custom install

January 2016

2016 starts with a warm welcome to our new multi award winning custom installer The Big Picture in Birmingham. We look forward to many great projects from this new dealer especially integrating new Ultra HD audio systems into projects.

See our dealer page for contact details.

Opulus Burlington Home Cinema Package

December 2015

Our latest home cinema package using a bespoke combination of Opulus Prima as rear effect speakers and Burlington LCR to give Ultra high definition to the latest movie sound tracks.

Seen here in black with gold hardware.

Available as a package deal. Please inquire for the latest prices.

Voltaire Refrence I

October 2015

October sees the launch of another model in the Voltaire range.

Voltaire Ref I builds on the already growing success of the Zero and II to establish a new reference marque in both looks and sound quality.

Hand crafted from specially selected hardwoods and hides and using equally high quality components within its birch ply cabinet.

Orders now being taken for this exotic model.

Harmony distributor China

August 2015

A very exciting and warm welcome to our new international distributor from Shenzhen, China.

Harmony AV are a well established and renowned company where we will be joining other well known brands such as Thorens, Acoustic Art, Tannoy and Plinius in their pursuit of absolute sounds.

Black Rhodium Thunder Cable

July 2015

This month sees the introduction of Black Rhodium's new flagship speaker cable....Thunder.

Now on permanent demonstration and exhibits even more incredible qualities only Black Rhodium are capable of.

Available as a high end solution in conjunction with mono block amplifiers or bespoke lengths.

Definately worth a listen!

May 2015

An exciting month that welcomes a new custom installer and dealer in Windermere, Cumbria.

Epixx UK specialise in exquisite bespoke options in home theatre and all home automation and custom installation.

We are proud to announce the first Voltaire Media room available for demonstration at the end of summer 2015 at their demonstration suites based in Windermere.

Details to follow.

March 2015

Carrying on in the Voltaire tradition, March sees the design and research period running up to our new addition in the range. Voltaire l Ref will be a classic Robson design based around the Voltaire Zero with a new cabinet and using exotic hides and hardwoods.

Available from July 2015

January 2015

December and January was spent in the long run up to relocating to Scotland.

Looking forward to catching up with all our many existing customers in Scotland and the many new HiFi enthusiasts within the surrounding areas.

New demonstration facilities available soon.

Image of Voltaire Zero

October 2014

After 2 reviews from HiFi Pig, the Opulus Prima gets a 5 star outstanding product award.

Stuart Smith says.......

"In the right sized space it offers a level of refinement and coherency that should be applauded for the asking price. All in all I heartily recommend the Opulus Primas, they sound great for such a small speaker and have surprisingly low, fast and tuneful bass."

Image of Voltaire Zero

September 2014

Another great review from HiFi World for the Voltaire Zero...

Noel Keywood says...

"The Zero's offer fabulously pure treble, clearly better than that from a dome tweeter. Add a big, bold sound from the large bass unit and you come up with a unique loudspeaker. There are precious few loudspeakers around with such gorgeous treble at the low price of the Zero's nor are there any that offer such concise rainbow imaging. Superb ribbon treble and full bass, at a great price. Superb."

Image of Espira Wall Speakers

July 2014

July sees the launch of our reference standard floor standing loudspeaker Voltaire IV using twin 10” high efficiency driver units complimented with a precision ribbon tweeter designed for low cross-over points and power handling.

93dB sensitivity, incredible bass and holographic imaging and soundstage are just a few of the qualities to expect from this reference loudspeaker.

Also to launch this month is our new home theatre HD Audio wall speakers Espira incorporating the same driver compliment as our canvas picture speakers in a 5.1 surround system including a compact sub woofer.

Details to follow shortly.

Image of Chronos review

June 2014

Another great review for Robson Acoustics. Chronos wall speakers gets a 5 star award from Steve May at Inside CI. Read the full review within our new Review section.

June also sees the new upgraded Voltaire II loudspeakers now with Track Audio's Precision base which retails for £880 separately. This base including isolation feet now comes as standard with the Voltaire II and is bolted in place during manufacture and available as a limited time promotional offer.

Image of Track Audio precision 600 stand

May 2014

Our best selling speakers Opulus and Burlington now go factory direct. See product information for more details.

May also sees our new sales page which will include ex demonstration models, B grade stock and sale items as well as other brands we endorse. Also coming soon will be our long awaited system build section which will include carefully selected products in various packages to suit all budgets as well as current promotions.

Building on the dramatic improvements Track Audio products offer in so many areas of musicality, Robson are proud to announce a limited time promotional offer on Voltaire Zero and Opulus Prima as a package deal with Track Audio’s precision 600 stand. See product info for details.

Voltaire II has also been upgraded to include Isolation feet and base as standard. Details and website updates to follow.

Example of images that can be used for picture speakers

April 2014

The latest in a growing selection of images for the canvas picture speakers now ready to be installed into our latest custom install project.

Literally millions of images and designs available from to choose that perfect image to integrate into any living space.

Printed on a stiff translucent fabric especially chosen for it's acoustically transparent properties.

Image of Voltaire Zero speakers

March 2014

Orders for the Voltaire Zero now being taken and first sets due for delivery early April.

March sees an exciting introduction and collaboration with Track Audio who manufacture high precision isolation feet, spikes and stands to be used with every model in the Voltaire range for an incredible addition to the growing list of high end ingredients already present in this luxury range.

Image of Opulus Prima and Voltaire Zero speakers

February 2014

February has been a very exciting month and sees the introduction of factory direct pricing on our new products and some existing accessories.

February also sees the launch of Opulus Prima and our new range of loudspeakers using the legendary Volt transducers.

There will be 5 models in the range starting with Voltaire Zero priced at £1250 going up to Voltaire IV with a price to be confirmed.

Website updates arriving soon.

Image of Icon Audio and Beyerdynamic audio products

January 2014

January sees the introduction of 2 new brands from Icon Audio and Beyerdynamic to compliment our own products and bringing high end audio to headphone listening with the beautiful HP8 Valve headphone amplifier with upgraded Jensen capacitors and higher spec valves and the legendary Tesla T1 headphones for a match made in heaven along with our media server or ipad source.

Available for full demonstration and at a great package price.

January also welcomes Audio Emotions from Fife in Scotland taking on the Robson brand and covering Scotland and surrounding areas.

Image of Canavs block speakers

December 2013

December sees the launch of our new canvas block style picture speakers using a high tech 6.5" synthetic fibre laminated bass unit with Neodymium magnet and phase plug. Complimented with a silk dome tweeter to give incredible clarity and also low bass for a cabinet only 66mm deep. Available with client’s own artwork or from stock and with matching centre channel.

Perfect for discreet home cinema or to compliment a TV.

Image of Compact Subwoofer

November 2013

Our new compact Sub woofer was launched this month. Commissioned by platinum plus dealer Nirvana Audio Visual of Preston and exclusive to them for retail.

Over 4 months of research and development has created a compact yet very powerful Sub using a downward firing 12” Kevlar cone driver and 300W British made class A/B amplifier in a cabinet 380mm cubed. Optional Granite top available upon request.

On permanent demonstration at their new offices and demonstration facilities along with Chronos and Stella in 5.1.

Image of Opulus and Burlington In Wall Speakers

October 2013

After years of popularity and acclaim from the Opulus and Burlington loudspeakers, we are now excited and proud to be able to offer this as an in wall option for a high end home theatre or any discreet installation where an audiophile sound is important.

Both models employ the same high precision ribbon tweeter and high spec magnesium alloy coned bass units and can be configured in any combination to give spectacular results.

Image of Chronos Wall Mounted Speakers

September 2013

Always in pursuit of the ultimate sound and after 2 years of research and development has finally produced a wall mountable loudspeaker worthy of not just the best home cinema experience but also for HiFi enthusiasts looking for the ultimate discreet option to meet that ever increasing wife acceptance factor.

Chronos wall mounted speakers come in a wide range of colours and grill artwork and employs a pair of high tech 6.5” bass units capable of incredible detail and power using a very large voice coil and designed to be used in small infinite baffle enclosures. The ribbon tweeter is the same tweeter used in a very high end German speaker manufacturer for their flagship model and compliments the bass units perfectly.

Also available in guilt frames for that very exclusive touch.

Image of Robson Acoustics Opulus Speakers

HiFi World Opulus Review

As quoted by Noel Keywood from HiFi World

“The Opulus were lovely with all forms of music and it is quite obvious that they have been honed over a long period to produce a polished sound that is nothing but pure class. You will not hear anything like them elsewhere I believe, at any price, they are sufficiently unique.”