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Chronos Wall Speakers

Chronos Wall Speakers

The Robson Chronos wall speaker designed to bridge the gap between the Stella and Reference picture speaker utilising the same Ribbon tweeter as used in the Burmester B99 reference speaker from Germany.

Combined with a pair of high tech 7” bass units to produce an incredibly deep and extended bass and dazzling clarity in the midband essential for movie sound tracks and speech.

Sonic superiority to create the ultimate in home Theatre surround experience and to reveal the tinniest dynamics of instruments and provide accurate musical rhythm and imaging.

Used in conjunction with our range of subwoofers and the Stella speakers to give total sound immersion in multi channel installations.

Bespoke installation options available for wall hanging, direct onto wall fixing and in wall mounting plates.

Perfectly able to blend into any 2 channel HiFi environment, multi channel home cinema, commercial applications and even pro studio’s requiring extreme sound pressure levels.

Available with a high level of custom options for the true connoisseur of discreet integration to match any existing décor, ideal for that seamless match to wall colour, antique wood panelling or any other wall design.


Technology MDF braced construction
Description 2 way, linear phase, infinite baffle enclosure
Drive Units 2 x 174 mm Mineral filled Polypropylene cone bass/mid range unit 1 x Low mass Isodynamic Ribbon tweeter
Frequency Response 41Hz to 40KHz +/- 2dB on axis
Impedance 4 Ohms nominal, 5 Ohms minimum
Sensitivity 91dB spl at 1 metre on axis. 2.83V input
Crossover 2nd order bass roll-off 2nd order midrange and tweeter
Power Handling 150W peak un-clipped programme
Dimensions Height - 80cm (90cm framed) Width - 30cm (40cm framed) Depth - 8.4cm (10cm framed)
Net Weight 10Kg 16 Kg Framed
Finishes Standard finish available in satin black or white paint. Bespoke options available in various hides and frames. Mundorf capacitor and Cryo treated internal wiring upgrades available upon request.

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Stella Wall Speaker

Stella Wall Speaker

Carrying on with the same ethos of no compromise design and audiophile sound quality, our range of picture speakers are the perfect solution for Hi Fi, home cinema, commercial applications and the pro studio market to name but a few.

Even our entry-level range of picture speakers are capable of a full range sound with sufficient bass energy to eliminate the need of a sub woofer in most applications.

Using high tech magnesium alloy bass drivers and a high precision ribbon tweeter ensures purity of sound, an amazing soundstage and qualities to shame most high end HiFi speakers.

At only 74mm thick and available in various sizes, colours and designs to seamlessly blend into any living space, we are confident you will be amazed by the benefits of discreet audio installation that has no compromise in sound quality.

Join the ever-widening circle of clients who desires the perfect sound with zero footprint and book an appointment today with your local custom installer.


Technology MDF braced construction
Description 2 way, linear phase, infinite baffle enclosure
Drive Units 2 x 116 mm Doped Magnesium and Aluminium cone bass/mid range unit
1 x Low mass Ribbon high precision tweeter
Frequency Response 45Hz to 40KHz +/- 2dB on axis
Impedance 8 Ohms nominal
Sensitivity 90dB spl at 1 metre on axis. 2.83V input
Crossover 2nd order bass roll-off
2nd order midrange and tweeter
Power Handling 120W peak un-clipped programme
Dimensions 250W x 450H x 75D (85 with grill)
Net Weight 5Kg
Finishes Standard finish available in matt black. Bespoke options available in RAL colours

Stella Wall Speaker - Image Gallery

Tonitro Subwoofer

Tonitro Subwoofer

The Tonitro does not have it's Latin name for thunder without cause. Being designed around a hugely respected Peerless subwoofer unit and a 300W rms amplifier built to Robson Acoustics exacting specifications, Tonitro gives exceptional performance and delivers superbly controlled low bass.

As with all of Robson Loudspeakers and in house designs, constraints on material costs and choice of drive units imparts minimally which enables our designs to fulfil ultimate performance without huge price tags. The Tonitro utilises a choice of drive unit and high current amplifier that at this price point, other manufacturers could not justify allowing the portrayal of the loudest movie effects and the most delicate of acoustic nuances to be heard.

Advanced computer technology and hours of listening tests has produced a sub woofer that will not only give added dimension to multi channel surround systems but can be designed around your existing décor and furniture.


Technology MDF Matrix braced construction
Description 45 Litre Infinite baffle enclosure
Drive Units 1 x 269mm Peerless XXL subwoofer unit
Frequency Response 20Hz to 240Hz +/- 2dB on axis
Impedance 4 Ohms nominal
Sensitivity Fully adjustable
Crossover 40Hz to 150Hz
Phase adjustment 0 and 180 degrees
Inputs Low level L, R High level
Output Power 300W peak un-clipped programme
Dimensions Height - 50cm
Width - 43cm
Depth - 43cm
Net Weight 28Kg
Finishes Standard finish available in black hide and oak. Bespoke options available in various hides and hardwood.

Tonitro Subwoofer - Image Gallery

Reference Infra Subwoofer

Reference Infra Subwoofer

From the early stages of Research and Development into a no compromise standalone subwoofer, it was apparent how vital this element of a home Theatre set up played in the overall rendition of audio playback.

The essence of a great subwoofer carries the impact of low frequencies where sounds can be felt as well as heard and where sounds such as the human voice, piano and small calibre gun shots contain low frequency registers that are reproduced by the subwoofer.

The laws of physics dictate that to move sufficient air with low distortion and clarity, a large drive unit is essential to ultimate performance.

Designed around a 15" high spec dual voice coil drive unit in a complex secondary ported cabinet coupled with a 500W high current amplifier enables this subwoofer to deliver exceptional low frequency performance even in a large room.

The Robson Reference Infra subwoofer will take your senses to another dimension where your ears play only one role in home Theatre entertainment.


Technology Scandinavian Birth Ply braced construction
Description Secondary ported enclosure
Drive Units 1 x 402mm Inverse dual voice coil subwoofer unit
Frequency Response 12Hz to 240Hz +/- 2dB on axis
Impedance 4 Ohms nominal
Sensitivity Fully adjustable
Crossover 40Hz to 150Hz
Phase adjustment 0 and 180 degrees
Inputs Low level L, R and combined
High level
Output Power 500W peak un-clipped programme
Dimensions Height - 63cm
Width - 52cm
Depth - 52cm
Net Weight 50Kg
Finishes Standard finish available in black hide and oak. Bespoke options available in various hides and hardwood.

Reference Infra Subwoofer - Image Gallery

Standard Interconnect Cable

Standard Interconnect Cable

As with speaker cable and in fact more so, interconnect cable is very dependent upon system parameters where many factors effect whether a particular cable will work well in a given system.

Impedance matching, valve or solid state and many other factors will have a bearing on the suitability of interconnect cable.

A screened balanced cable of high purity silver plated copper terminated with either RCA, XLR or other standard plugs and sockets sourced to meet our exacting standards where even the outer screen is made from high purity silver plated copper.

Hand made in the UK using silver solder and terminated with a choice of connectors.

Speaker Cables

Speaker Cable

As with all cables for HiFi and AV we at Robson Acoustics adopt a simple approach of “try before you buy”.

Even the most expensive of cables will not necessarily work in your system so the only way to see if our range of cables work is by home appraisal.

Our reference speaker cable is made from directional silver plated copper of very high purity, which has the ability to reduce the “grain” in vocals and higher frequencies, tighten bass and give a “blacker” background to the music.

Many people at first impressions think this cable to be dull, how-ever after a short time of listening, they realise this is actually music without some of the distortion other cables impart onto the music.

Voltaire III

Voltaire III

A glimpse pre-view of our latest speaker in the Voltaire range…….

Exceptional in many ways this design has virtually no cross-over and uses drivers specially chosen and adapted to give perfect integration in a 3 way system of incredible dynamics and realism.

Low frequencies are handled by a modified Volt 12” radial bass unit which takes bass control and precision to a new level and which runs completely open with no cross-over components in the signal path or in parallel.

The midrange frequencies are handled by a modified 3” Volt soft dome unit covering the most important mid band frequencies extending up to 4.5kHz crossing over to the legendary Raal ribbon tweeter to give shimmering highs only this tweeter is capable of.

The midrange unit has a single Dueland Coherent Audio cast resistor in series to lower it’s sensitivity and with a single Mundorf parallel capacitor to perfectly integrate with the tweeter.

The Raal tweeter then uses a single series Clarity Cap CMR capacitor which can be upgraded to a Dueland cast silver/oil capacitor on request.

Internal wiring has been specially chosen and using damping control and cryo frozen to give additional purity of signal path combined with WBT pole connectors.

All these components and virtually no cross-over equates to incredible dynamics and the rendition of musical passages only heard of from esoteric and extremely expensive loudspeakers.

PRICE   £7999.00


Technology Scandinavian birch ply braced construction
Description 3 way, linear phase infinite baffle enclosure
Drive Units 1 x Volt Radial modified 12"
1 x Volt 3" soft dome
1 x Raal ribbon tweeter
Frequency Response 25Hz - 100kHz
Crossover frequency 380Hz & 4.5kHz
Impedance 4 Ohm nominal
Sensitivity 91dB
Power Handling 500W peak un-clipped
Dimensions Height - 1180cm
Width - 240cm
Depth - 450cm
Net Weight 55Kg

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A true reference Pre-amplifier commissioned and specially designed by Roy Mottram from the U.S.A to compliment our mono block power amplifiers and Phono stage amplifiers.

As standard made using the most exotic of components and housed in beautiful hardwood cabinets, our MV1 valve pre-amplifier will compete with the very best products out there regardless of cost.
Again……listening is believing!!

Design specifications include dual mono power supplies with each channel supplied by it’s own high voltage and filament rails via a tube rectifier and feeding separate regulators to give incredible stereo separation.

A very simple but pure signal path based around the 6SN7 audio tube but upgraded to Black Treasure tubes and using a single output capacitor which can be specifically chosen for it’s integration to solid state or valve amplifiers based on input impedance compatibility.

MV1 features :

  • Dual mono design
  • Black Treasure vacuum tubes
  • Khuzmo 48 way stepped shunt attenuator using Charcroft Z foil series resistors
  • Dueland Coherent Audio internal wiring
  • Optional balanced output using Lundahl amorphous transformers
  • Solid hardwood cabinet construction for vibration isolation
  • Optional input configuration for single, dual or 4 inputs either balanced or single ended

Purity of signal path is critical in the design of any amplifier to give incredibly black backgrounds and the retrieval and portrayal of the tiniest musical passages and notes.

If you have never heard a valve based pre-amplifier of this class you will be amazed at how much information you may be missing in your vinyl or digital music collection.

PRICE   £5999.00


Vacuum tube compliment 4 x Black Treasure CV181-Z
Input impedance 47Kohm
Input Configurable balanced or unbalanced
Output Configurable balanced or unbalanced
S/N 88dB
Frequency response 10Hz - 50KHz
Dimensions 440W x 260D x 220H
Weight 9Kg

MV1 - Image Gallery



Robson Acoustics have been in the field of digital music for many years and experimented with various DAC’s and hardware to produce a Roon ready media server of exceptional quality both in terms of sound and construction.

Windows based platform with SSD system drive and 4 Tb of hard drive for the largest of music collections to either rip your entire CD collection or simply listen to Tidal and Roon using tablets or many mobile devices for total content content.

Roon is an incredible way to discover new music and to build up a library specific to your tastes.

Roon ready and the perfect platform for Tidal and Roon with a built in pro studio DAC capable of exquisite sound reproduction.

Optional DAC configuration for either internal or your own choice of external DAC via various digital outputs.

MS1 features :

  • Roon ready platform
  • Balance or unbalance analogue outputs using built in Pro studio DAC
  • SSD system drive
  • Hard drive cage for total vibration control
  • High quality power supply
  • Remote control via iPad or other tablets


OS Windows based
Audio player Roon ready Tidal
Audio features Upsampling to PCM 384KHz, Ultra low jitter clock
Digital Output Coaxial
Analogue output True balanced TRS +4dBu and RCA unbalanced -10dBv
Internal DAC - Dynamic range 24-bit/192kHz, 114dB
S/PDIF Co-axial digital output
S/PDIF Optical digital output
USB output USB 2.0 and 3.0 PORT
Standard storage 4Tb hard drive
64Gb SSD drive
Power requirements 240v input
Dimensions Height 17.5cm
Width 44cm
Depth 39cm
Weight 5Kg



Hand crafted from solid walnut and using the finest components in the signal path and power supply Robson’s new Phono stage amplifier is a true reference grade product.

Like the MB1 mono block amplifiers the MC1 follows the same beautiful design lines and approach to vibration control through tone wood cabinet construction and solid brass feet.

Class A design circuit topology with a fixed gain of 68dB for moving coil cartridges and low output moving coil cartridges.

Zero feedback gain design using discrete components and a RIAA equalisation stage which is split over the frequency range and current driven thus no series resistor in the signal path.

The MC1 uses two direct coupled gain stages with an equalisation section attached to each. These are direct coupled to a unity gain buffer using a single ended J-FET running in class A giving a very musical sound with a huge soundstage.

All signal path components are carefully chosen to maximise on signal clarity.

A very well designed power supply using a toroidal transformer and very impressive PSRR figures giving the ability to reject any noise trying to sneak in from mains supply.

For the most demanding listener the MC1 will portray and encapsulate perfect timbre, uncompromising sound performance and realism.

PRICE   £1999.00


Input MC moving coil RCA
Frequency response 0.3 Hz - 40kHz
Noise 0.07uv
Distortion 0.01%
Gain 68dB
Seperation 62dB
Overload 3.3mV in
Input Impedance 100 ohms
Dimensions 350w x 250d x 115h
Weight 6Kg

MC1 - Image Gallery