Hand crafted from solid walnut and using the finest components in the signal path and power supply Robson’s new Phono stage amplifier is a true reference grade product.

Like the MB1 mono block amplifiers the MC1 follows the same beautiful design lines and approach to vibration control through tone wood cabinet construction and solid brass feet.

Class A design circuit topology with a fixed gain of 68dB for moving coil cartridges and low output moving coil cartridges.

Zero feedback gain design using discrete components and a RIAA equalisation stage which is split over the frequency range and current driven thus no series resistor in the signal path.

The MC1 uses two direct coupled gain stages with an equalisation section attached to each. These are direct coupled to a unity gain buffer using a single ended J-FET running in class A giving a very musical sound with a huge soundstage.

All signal path components are carefully chosen to maximise on signal clarity.

A very well designed power supply using a toroidal transformer and very impressive PSRR figures giving the ability to reject any noise trying to sneak in from mains supply.

For the most demanding listener the MC1 will portray and encapsulate perfect timbre, uncompromising sound performance and realism.

PRICE   £1999.00


Input MC moving coil RCA
Frequency response 0.3 Hz - 40kHz
Noise 0.07uv
Distortion 0.01%
Gain 68dB
Seperation 62dB
Overload 3.3mV in
Input Impedance 100 ohms
Dimensions 350w x 250d x 115h
Weight 6Kg

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