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  • Opulus Prima Posted in: Speakers - Opulous Prima Could this be the best small reference monitor in the world? All the excitement and dynamics of our best selling speaker and hand crafted using the same components as Opulus but in a tough textured satin paint finish. Read More
  • Opulus Posted in: Speakers - Opulus Opulus is a sophisticated 2 way design affording full musical sonority in a compact Reference monitor transforming the expectations of the marque. State of the art components and construction allow this design to operate with great speed, and precision Read More
  • Regis Posted in: Speakers - Regis Combining exceptional workmanship and the highest quality components, Robson Regis has the ability to dig out depth and feelings from recordings seldom found in speakers. Three-dimensional imagery, a deep soundstage combined with a quick and agile bass are amongst Read More
  • Burlington Posted in: Speakers - Burlington The new Burlington will not just bring the orchestra to your home but make the walls disappear and take you directly to the concert hall. Based on the concept of benchmark precision this new floorstander will deliver audio information Read More
  • Voltaire Zero Posted in: Speakers - Voltaire Zero Our new and exciting range of loudspeakers using the well renowned bass/mid drive units from Volt Loudspeakers Ltd begins with Voltaire Zero, a true reference monitor able to dig depths into recordings seldom heard before. Using a critically Read More
  • Voltaire 1 Reference Posted in: Speakers - Voltaire 1 Reference The Voltaire range continues with another Reference marque combining technology from the Ref IV and utilising the very best components to extract the finest details and nuances from this beautiful loudspeaker. Using a critically doped 8” bass Read More
  • Voltaire II Posted in: Speakers - Voltaire II Following on in the footsteps of Zero, Voltaire II achieves greater bass extension and all the hand crafted refinement of the Robson trademark use of beautiful hardwoods and leathers in a substantially built cabinet using 25mm Scandinavian birch Read More
  • Voltaire III Posted in: Speakers - Voltaire III A glimpse pre-view of our latest speaker in the Voltaire range……. Exceptional in many ways this design has virtually no cross-over and uses drivers specially chosen and adapted to give perfect integration in a 3 way system of Read More
  • Voltaire IV Reference Posted in: Speakers - Voltaire IV Reference The Voltaire range of precision loudspeakers has to have a flagship model which had one objective in mind… be one of the best loudspeakers in the world. We believe we have achieved this with a system that Read More
  • Robson MB1 Posted in: Amplifiers - Robson MB1 Robson Acoustics new Monoblock MB1 amplifiers represents the latest in high efficiency class D amplification and the beauty of hand crafted solid hardwood cabinets. The first of a range of products following our love of natural materials and Read More
  • MV1 Posted in: Pre-Amplifiers - MV1 A true reference Pre-amplifier commissioned and specially designed by Roy Mottram from the U.S.A to compliment our mono block power amplifiers and Phono stage amplifiers. As standard made using the most exotic of components and housed in beautiful hardwood Read More
  • MC1 Posted in: Phono Stage - MC1 Hand crafted from solid walnut and using the finest components in the signal path and power supply Robson’s new Phono stage amplifier is a true reference grade product. Like the MB1 mono block amplifiers the MC1 follows the same Read More
  • MS1 Posted in: Digital - MS1 Robson Acoustics have been in the field of digital music for many years and experimented with various DAC’s and hardware to produce a Roon ready media server of exceptional quality both in terms of sound and construction. Windows based Read More
  • Stella Wall Speaker Posted in: Home Cinema - Stella Wall Speaker Carrying on with the same ethos of no compromise design and audiophile sound quality, our range of picture speakers are the perfect solution for Hi Fi, home cinema, commercial applications and the pro studio market to name Read More
  • Chronos Wall Speakers Posted in: Home Cinema - Chronos Wall Speakers The Robson Chronos wall speaker designed to bridge the gap between the Stella and Reference picture speaker utilising the same Ribbon tweeter as used in the Burmester B99 reference speaker from Germany. Combined with a pair of Read More
  • Tonitro Subwoofer Posted in: Home Cinema - Tonitro Subwoofer The Tonitro does not have it's Latin name for thunder without cause. Being designed around a hugely respected Peerless subwoofer unit and a 300W rms amplifier built to Robson Acoustics exacting specifications, Tonitro gives exceptional performance and delivers Read More
  • Reference Infra Subwoofer Posted in: Home Cinema - Reference Infra Subwoofer From the early stages of Research and Development into a no compromise standalone subwoofer, it was apparent how vital this element of a home Theatre set up played in the overall rendition of audio playback. The essence Read More
  • Speaker Cables Posted in: Cables - Speaker Cable As with all cables for HiFi and AV we at Robson Acoustics adopt a simple approach of “try before you buy”. Even the most expensive of cables will not necessarily work in your system so the only way Read More
  • Standard Interconnect Cable Posted in: Cables - Standard Interconnect Cable As with speaker cable and in fact more so, interconnect cable is very dependent upon system parameters where many factors effect whether a particular cable will work well in a given system. Impedance matching, valve or solid Read More