MV4 - Line stage Phono Pre-amplifier

MV4 is a all in one phono stage and line Pre-amplifier using the MV3 and MC1 Phonostage.

Hand crafted using the same high quality components as the standard MV3 and MC1 models and using Duelled Coherant internal wiring and high end connections for RCA's.

For people who are passionate about vinyl, this model creates incredible soundstage and realism in your vinyl collection.

Comes as standard with 100 Ohm loading for MC cartridges.

For MM and different MC loadings, please specify upon ordering. 

MV4 features

  • Combined MV3 and MC1 amplifiers
  • High quality capacitor and resistors in signal path
  • Duelund Coherent internal wiring
  • All tube design throughout
  • Bespoke cartridge loading

Please enquire about Burr hardwood front panels

PRICE   £2200.00


Vacuum tube compliment 7 x JJ or Tung Sol 12AX7
Input Impedance Line in 47Kohm      MC in 100 Ohms 
Output Impedance 150 Ohms
Inputs Line in RCA and MC in Phono
Output Unbalanced RCA
Gain 22dB
Power Consumption 45 VA
Frequency Bandwidth 10Hz - 45KHz
THD 0.3% 1KHz 4V ref
S/N 88dB
Dimensions 380W x 320D x 130H
Weight 9Kg

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