Reference Digital AES Cable

Reference Digital AES Cable

The last few years has seen a huge increase in digital music whether streamed computer or from a CD transport etc. The importance of a good digital cable such as this AES or streaming cable is very important and all helps in eliminating the digital noise and distortion associated with this form of music replay. Quite often, replacing a cable can make a bigger difference than replacing the DAC, streamer or CD player.

Having listened to many high end cables and experimented with many different designs, the Ref digital AES cable is the culmination of years of searching for a truly spectacular cable design which will compete with much more expensive cables as all the Robson cables are capable of.

Robson Acoustics have a new range of cables designed around not only extremely high purity (99.999% or 5N) conductors but also insulation which gives a very low dielectric coefficient of 1.4. This foamed and cellular Fluoropolymer construction is now a standard construction design in nearly all our cables and responsible of the outstanding performance obtained from this and other products.

Solid 24 AWG pure copper wires with minimum twisting and with FEP insulation. Natural unbleached cotton, PTFE tape and an ultra flexible core material are used to create a natural buffer for mechanical resonances. The outer shield of silver plated copper is as far away from the critical signal conductors as possible. 

Finished with very high end Rhodium plated XLR plugs for that critical high resolution digital transfer.


Price - £500 1m balanced cable



Construction Deep Cryogenically treated ultra pure copper with FEP insulation. Unbleached cotton and PTFE tape to buffer mechanical resonance. Silver braided shielding. Flexible elastomer inner and outer dielectric. Rhodium plated XLR connectors. 110 Ohm impedance
Capacitance 43pF @ 1m signal conductors /  61pF between braid earth and signal.
DCR - Ohms 0.13  Ohms
Inductance 1.28uH
Outer braid Cotton and pvc braid

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