Reference Infra Subwoofer

Reference Infra Subwoofer

From the early stages of Research and Development into a no compromise standalone subwoofer, it was apparent how vital this element of a home Theatre set up played in the overall rendition of audio playback.

The essence of a great subwoofer carries the impact of low frequencies where sounds can be felt as well as heard and where sounds such as the human voice, piano and small calibre gun shots contain low frequency registers that are reproduced by the subwoofer.

The laws of physics dictate that to move sufficient air with low distortion and clarity, a large drive unit is essential to ultimate performance.

Designed around a 15" high spec dual voice coil drive unit in a complex secondary ported cabinet coupled with a 500W high current amplifier enables this subwoofer to deliver exceptional low frequency performance even in a large room.

The Robson Reference Infra subwoofer will take your senses to another dimension where your ears play only one role in home Theatre entertainment.


Technology Scandinavian Birth Ply braced construction
Description Secondary ported enclosure
Drive Units 1 x 402mm Inverse dual voice coil subwoofer unit
Frequency Response 12Hz to 240Hz +/- 2dB on axis
Impedance 4 Ohms nominal
Sensitivity Fully adjustable
Crossover 40Hz to 150Hz
Phase adjustment 0 and 180 degrees
Inputs Low level L, R and combined
High level
Output Power 500W peak un-clipped programme
Dimensions Height - 63cm
Width - 52cm
Depth - 52cm
Net Weight 50Kg
Finishes Standard finish available in black hide and oak. Bespoke options available in various hides and hardwood.

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