Argenti Ultra Loudspeaker Cable

Argenti Ultra Loudpeaker Cable

Robson Acoustics have been listening and appraising loudspeaker cable for many years now for both the internal wiring of speakers to dedicated loudspeaker cables in order for our range of speakers to sound at their optimum. We often sell cable which is identical to the internal wiring of our speakers to perfectly match the signal path where often in floor standing speakers the length of cable within the cabinet can be as long as a set of external cables. For this reason alone our dedication to finding the best cable is of the utmost importance and why Argenti was developed to provide a balance between our new Reference speaker cable and our standard speaker cable.

Argenti  speaker cable is made from directional silver plated copper of very high purity, which has the ability to reduce the “grain” in vocals and higher frequencies, tighten bass and give a “blacker” background to the music. Engineered to exacting standards, deep cryogenically treated and conditioned using our in house cable cooker which eliminates the dreaded long burn in process associated with cables having silver content.

Ultra Loudspeaker cable  features :

  • High purity Silver plated copper
  • Cryogenically treated
  • Vibration damping 
  • Cable conditioning prior to shipping
  • 4 wire weave with additional cotton dielectric 
  • Bespoke lengths available

Exceptional in terms of incredible micro dynamic resolution, soundstage and to impart as little distortion as possible. This is a very smooth sounding cable with no loss of detail.

Many speaker cables sound harsh by comparison which is often the distortion most cables exhibit.

Price -  Argenti speaker cable - £750 for a 2.5m pair