Tonitro Subwoofer

Tonitro Subwoofer

The Tonitro does not have it's Latin name for thunder without cause. Being designed around a hugely respected Peerless subwoofer unit and a 300W rms amplifier built to Robson Acoustics exacting specifications, Tonitro gives exceptional performance and delivers superbly controlled low bass.

As with all of Robson Loudspeakers and in house designs, constraints on material costs and choice of drive units imparts minimally which enables our designs to fulfil ultimate performance without huge price tags. The Tonitro utilises a choice of drive unit and high current amplifier that at this price point, other manufacturers could not justify allowing the portrayal of the loudest movie effects and the most delicate of acoustic nuances to be heard.

Advanced computer technology and hours of listening tests has produced a sub woofer that will not only give added dimension to multi channel surround systems but can be designed around your existing d├ęcor and furniture.


Technology MDF Matrix braced construction
Description 45 Litre Infinite baffle enclosure
Drive Units 1 x 269mm Peerless XXL subwoofer unit
Frequency Response 20Hz to 240Hz +/- 2dB on axis
Impedance 4 Ohms nominal
Sensitivity Fully adjustable
Crossover 40Hz to 150Hz
Phase adjustment 0 and 180 degrees
Inputs Low level L, R High level
Output Power 300W peak un-clipped programme
Dimensions Height - 50cm
Width - 43cm
Depth - 43cm
Net Weight 28Kg
Finishes Standard finish available in black hide and oak. Bespoke options available in various hides and hardwood.

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