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MC1 - Tube Phono Preamplifier

Designed around the legendary 12AX7 vacuum tube in a 3 stage amplification stage using 2 x 12AX7 tubes for gain and the third for a buffered output to achieve lower impedance and better drive capability.

As with all out products the quality of components is always of the highest standard.

Mundorf silver/gold oil capacitors are used in the signal path and Dueland Coherent Audio cables used for all internal wiring along with high quality RCA connectors for purity of signal transmission.

MC1 features :

  • Free lifetime modification to MM or high output MC
  • Built in SUT'S
  • Enhanced and perfected RIAA EQ
  • Mundorf silver/gold oil signal capacitors
  • Duelund oil/cotten internal wiring

This model is primarily a MM Phonostage with built in SUT's for typical MC use, how-ever for MM or high output MC cartridges a free modification is available to convert this to any cartridge and associated impedance and capacitance for perfect compliance.

SE model comes with Miflex copper paper/oil capacitors and Duelund silver internal wiring.

Price - Standard model - £1600.00

Price - SE model - £2000.00


Input MC  RCA ( Adaptable )
Output voltage  1.0Vrms
Noise  -78dB
Output impedance  520 Ohms
Gain  MM - 44dB     MC - 78dB
Frequency response  +/-  0.6dB over RIAA curve
Vacuum tube compliment  12AX7 X 3
Input Impedance 100 ohms
Dimensions 240w x 320d x 115h
Weight 5Kg

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Ref Phono 1

Ref Phono 1

Our flagship phono stage pre-amplifier is handcrafted in Scotland with the best audio grade components and based around a dual mono design for the audio circuitry using hand picked 6922 tubes and an extremely low noise power supply based around the excellent 12X4 vacuum tube to produce very low PSRR figures and near zero ripple current.

The result?   A sense of space and texture with breath-taking musicality, three-dimentionality and dynamics.

Based around purity of design and signal path our Ref Phono 1 uses a combination of  audiophile components only seen in esoteric models.

Ref Phono 1 features :

  • Kiwame resistors from Japan in the critical signal path for low noise and amore natural sound.
  • Mundorf paper and oil signal path capacitors or upgradable Dueland Coherent Audio capacitors.
  • Lundahl MC step up transformers (SUT) using amorphous cobalt core and dual coil structure with Cardas high purity wire.
  • Silver internal wiring and CMC RCA connectors
  • Toroidal transformers with B+ regulators for low PSRR figures.
  • High amplification, super accurate RIAA EQ , low output impedance and low distortion.

Handcrafted in beautiful hardwoods and available for demonstration in our showrooms.


PRICE -  Standard model   £3999.00

               SE model   £5999.00


Input MM (RCA) - 47k
MC (RCA) - adjustable input impedance
Frequency response +/- 0.6 dB over RIAA Curve
Gain  MM - 52 dB
MC - 70 dB using Lundahl
amorphous core transformers
Noise -82 dB
Input impedance 47k
Output impedance 450 ohms
Overload 3.3mV in
Power supply B+ regulators PSRR by 60dB
Low noise toroidal transformers
Vacuum Tube Complement 12X4 Rectifier tube and 4 x 6922 tubes
Dimensions 440w x 250d x 170h
Weight 10Kg

Ref Phono 1 - Image Gallery