Masterpiece Class A Monaural Amplifier

Masterpiece Class A Monaural Amplifier

Class A amplifiers have always had the reputation of warmth and a great soundstage and although class D amplifiers have made a great way forward in recent years, is there still room for this old design of amplification in the modern world?

Excessive heat, high power consumption,  low damping factor and relatively low output power. All these aspects  does not bring confidence to the discerning audiophile how-ever as always, it is in the listening where this approach to amplification brings a certain joy and pure audio realism that answers the question earlier.

My own reference system now utilises these monaural amplifiers along with the latest Masterpiece Edition tube pre-amplifier and in terms of preference the MB10 Class D  mono block amplifiers which are incredibly good, now comes  behind these amplifiers.

The reasons are many but primarilly it is about that elusive holographic presentation, a lack of edge to vocals and instruments such as piano and pure realism to live recordings which gives an accurate sense of space and depth to a recording. 

Digital recordings have a more organic and analogue feel and vinyl takes on an even more beautiful and beguiling nature making you want to explore  your vinyl collection yet again and buy new records.

As with all the masterpiece editions, this model is hand crafted using exotic materials and components. Bolivian Rosewood, copper panels and silver wiring are standard.

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Price - £4000.00 each


Output power   

50W x 2 RMS into 8 ohms 

Damping factor >100
Minimum load 4 ohms
Frequency response and Distortion 10Hz to 30kHz @  0.19% @ 1Khz 1 W 0.2% @ full power
Signal to noise ratio 91dB
Output impedance 0.36 Ohms @ 1Khz 500mV input
Construction Copper top plate and solid Bolivian Rosewood case
Input sensitivity 1.63V RMS
Inputs  2 x Rhodium plated  RCA inputs
Power consumption 150W
Input voltage 240V/50Hz
Output connectors Rhodium plated binding posts
Input connectors Un-Balanced RCA 
Input impedance 47Kohms
Size 440W x 460D x 220H (mm)
Weight 28Kg

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