Masterpiece Edition pre-amplifier

Masterpiece Edition pre-amplifier

Designed around the MV2 Pre-amplifier but taken to a completely new level in terms of component specification, vacuum tube choice and internal wiring to give an even better sense of musical involvement and resolution.

The Masterpiece edition Pre-amplifier has an extremely simple and pure signal path with only 1  output capacitor and 1 shunt resistor on the Khuzmo stepped attenuator which have been replaced with the incredible V-cap CuTF reference capacitor and a Charcroft Z foil resistor. This along with 5N solid silver and FEP fluoropolymer signal wiring gives this Pre-amplifier added  realism and an even better 3D soundstage capable of competing with the very best equipment in the world.

The choice of Linlai Global Elite vacuum tubes also elevated the sound field beyond the previous Black Treasure tubes.

Design specifications include dual mono power supplies with each channel supplied by it’s own high voltage and filament rails via a tube rectifier and feeding separate regulators to give incredible stereo separation.

A very simple but pure signal path based around the 6SN7 audio tube and using a single output capacitor which can be specifically chosen for it’s integration to solid state or valve amplifiers based on input impedance compatibility.

Masterpiece Edition Pre-amplifier features :

  • Dual mono design
  • Lineal Global Elite vacuum tubes
  • Khuzmo 48 way stepped shunt attenuator with Charcroft Z foil shunt resistor
  • Ohio Continuous Cast unicrystal silver 5N wire internal wiring
  • V-Cap CuTF output capacitors

Purity of signal path is critical in the design of any amplifier to give incredibly black backgrounds and the retrieval and portrayal of the tiniest musical passages and notes.


Price - £6000.00



Vacuum tube compliment 4 x Linlai Global Elite E-6SN7 matched pairs

1 x Philips 5Y3 Rectifier tube

Input impedance 47Kohm
Output Impedance 150 ohms
Inputs Balanced XLR pair and RCA unbalanced pair  Line inputs - Rhodium plated
Output Rhodium plated RCA Line out
Frequency response 10Hz - 50KHz
Power consumption 50VA
Gain 22dB
THD 0.3% 1Khz / 4Vef
S/N Ratio 90dB
Dimensions 440W x 370D x 185H (without tubes)
Weight 22Kg

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