Argenti Reference Loudspeaker cable

Argenti Reference Loudspeaker Cable

After many years of searching for the ultimate ultra high purity silver core and then covering this in a silk and oil dielectric, we have finally come up with a true reference loudspeaker cable capable of competing with cables over £10,000.

Constructed using multiple  99.999 5N pure silver ribbon cables with a silk and oil covering and using additional cotton sleeving in a complex air and cotton secondary dielectric, finally housed in rubber tubing to eliminate vibration and offer damping control over the entire length.

The whole cable including banana plugs are then sent off for cryogenic treatment followed by a 4 day cable conditioning on our in house Audiodharma cable cooker.

Reference loudspeaker cable features :

  • Ultra pure 5N silver conductors
  • Cryogenically treated
  • Silk and oil dialectric
  • Damping and vibration control
  • Cable conditioned for 4 days
  • Rhodium plated banana plugs

This cable exhibits a truly magical analogue character with incredible bass precision and a huge soundstage.

Listening is believing!

Price - Reference loudspeaker cable - £1600 for a 2m pair



Construction Ultra pure silver foil with silk and oil dielectric and cotton and PVC outer braid
Capacitance 30pF twisted pair @ 1m,  130pF over 2m
DCR - Ohms 0.011 Ohms for a 1m pair,  0.022 Ohms for a 2m pair
Inductance 4.9uH for a 1m pair,  8.3uH over a 2m pair
Outer braid Cotton and PVC