The all new Opulus has been completely re-designed with an upgraded bass/mid transducer from Morel utilising a massive 3" Hexatech voice coil and damped composite polymer  for high power rating and low distortion. 

State of the art components and construction allow this design to operate with great speed, and precision with extended and controlled bass belying it's small size. Complimented by a Ribbon tweeter which is incredibly fast and dynamic, music flows effortlessly allowing the listener to become one with the musician.

Our new reference internal wadding "Angel hair"from Mundorf is installed as standard bringing significant improvements in the mid range frequency band. Its damping properties significantly increase the auditory spaciousness of music reproduction.

Having spent many years researching the benefits of higher quality internal wiring, binding posts and cross-over components, Opulus as with all the Robson range comes with an upgrade path to maximise on signal purity.

This incredible loudspeaker will live up to all expectations and partnering with the very best equipment will only allow Opulus to redefine musical reproduction.

This model is available with many bespoke options. Please get in touch to discuss.

PRICE  - £2000.00


Technology MDF matrix construction
Description 2 way, linear phase, closed cabinet design
Drive Units 1 x 143 mm 3" Hexatech Aluminium voice coil, Damped polymer composite cone, double magnet
bass/mid range unit
1 x Low mass Ribbon high precision Tweeter
Frequency Response 42Hz to 40KHz +/- 2dB on axis
Impedance 8 Ohms nominal, 5 Ohms minimum
Sensitivity 86dB spl at 1 metre on axis. 2.83V input
Crossover 2nd order bass roll-off
2nd order tweeter
Power Handling 150W peak un-clipped programme
Dimensions Height - 34cm
Width - 18cm
Depth - 28cm
Net Weight 8Kg each
Finishes Standard finishes available in black
parchment hide and Oak
Bespoke options available in various
hides and hardwood.
Mundorf capacitor and Cryo treated internal
wiring upgrades available upon request.

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