Argenti Ultra power cable

Argenti Ultra Power cable

Following the requests of many customers to produce a power cable of very high quality, we have come up with a design worthy of the Robson name and equal to some of the very best mains cables in the market today.

Using the latest technology UP-OCC individual pure  copper multi strand cable for high current use and improved dynamic performance. Deep Cryogenic treatment of all conductors and the latest low dielectric constant FEP insulation. The screening is catered for by an OFC copper braid and additional PVC covering with a top layer of PVC and cotton sleeving.

Argenti Ultra power cable features :

  • Conductors using UP-OCC and deep Cryogenic technology
  • Viborg silver power plugs
  • AMR gold fuse
  • Screened cable for RFI rejection
  • Pure deep cryogenic copper conductors with FEP insulation


Price - Ultra power cable - £350 for a 1m cable 



Construction Twin 12 AWG deep cryogenic treatment copper cable with FEP dielectric, Viborg silver power plugs
Capacitance  Live - Neutral - 175pF   Live to Earth - 316pF @ 1m cable
DCR - Ohms  Live - 0.019    Neutral - 0.008   Earth and screen - 0.012 @ 1m cable
Inductance  Live and Neutral - 1.2uH   Earth - 316uH
Outer Braid  PVC and cotton

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