Our latest Preamplifier is a full tube line stage design using 4 x 12AX7 specially selected tubes.

MV3 follows in the footsteps of the incredible MV2 using the same principles of minimum of active parts and high quality passive components in the signal path. A no compromise design and attention to components and internal wiring brings a product worthy of the Robson brand and a great match to our range of power amplifiers.

MV3 features

  • Blue Alps Swiss volume control
  • Low ripple power supply on the anode
  • R-type transformer
  • Duelund Coherent internal wiring
  • SE model upgrade to high end signal capacitors

Great design and the use of very high quality components has created a pre-amplifier of exceptional abilities and able to drive the most difficult of power amplifier loads to below 10Kohms.


Standard model    £1600.00

SE model                £2000.00


Vacuum tube compliment 4 x JJ or Tung Sol 12AX7
Input impedance 47Kohm
Input Unbalanced
Output Unbalanced
S/N 88dB
Frequency Bandwidth 10Hz - 45KHz
Dimensions 240W x 320D x 117H 
Weight 7Kg

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