Argenti Ultra interconnect cable

Argenti Ultra Interconnect Cable

In the quest to find a cable capable of unravelling the complexities of digital music and both analogue in character and very detailed and holographic, we believe we have developed a remarkable interconnect cable perfect for digital sources and also analogue vinyl replay.

The construction of this interconnect cable is similar to our Reference range of cables where a multistrand copper conductor is used instead of silver, along side a Physics foam and FEP dielectric housed in braiding and additional cotton for maximum air gap around the conductors.

Extremely low capacitance and Inductance.

Ultra Interconnect cable features :

  • True analogue sound
  • Extremely transparent sound
  • WBT connectors
  • Cable conditioned
  • Physics foam and FEP dielectric

Locking gold plated WBT RCA connectors or Neutrik XLR's are used and then cable conditioned using our in house Audiodharma cable cooker for a true "run in" and directional cable.

As with all our cables, we offer a no quibble money back guarentee if not satisfied.

Price - Argenti Ultra interconnect cable - £250 for a 1m pair 



Construction 68 Individual Litz copper with Physics foam and FEP dielectric
Capacitance 45pF @ 1m
DCR - Ohms 0.055  Ohms
Inductance 1.5uH
Outer braid Cotton

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