• Opulus Prima Posted in: Speakers - Opulous Prima Could this be the best small reference monitor in the world? All the excitement and dynamics of our best selling speaker and hand crafted using the same components as Opulus but in a tough textured satin paint finish.… Read More
  • Opulus Posted in: Speakers - Opulus Opulus is a sophisticated 2 way design affording full musical sonority in a compact Reference monitor transforming the expectations of the marque. State of the art components and construction allow this design to operate with great speed, and precision… Read More
  • Regis Posted in: Speakers - Regis Combining exceptional workmanship and the highest quality components, Robson Regis has the ability to dig out depth and feelings from recordings seldom found in speakers. Three-dimensional imagery, a deep soundstage combined with a quick and agile bass are amongst… Read More
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  • Voltaire II Posted in: Speakers - Voltaire II Following on in the footsteps of Zero, Voltaire II achieves greater bass extension and all the hand crafted refinement of the Robson trademark use of beautiful hardwoods and leathers in a substantially built cabinet using 25mm Scandinavian birch… Read More
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