Record Weight

Record Weight

The record weight is another one of those Hifi products we wonder if they make a difference or improvement.

After many months of testing and research, I can categorically say they do!

The solid tone wood Puk's such as African Blackwood, Lignum Vitae and various Burr woods are chosen for their natural ability to dampen micro vibrations inherent within a turntable and the record surface. 

Subtle but noticeable differences can be heard in a clearer resolution and reduced background noise. Piano notes become cleaner and more distinct with additional air around vocals and instruments. 

The latest generation of record weights now include a combination of African Blackwood and Panzerholtz with high grade Chromium ball bearings to give additional improvements over the standard hardwood Puk's.

Every record weight is hand made and polished with hard wax.

Price - standard record weight - £300

Price - Ref record weight - £560

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