Argenti Reference interconnect cable

Argenti Reference Interconnect Cable

To compliment our Reference loudspeaker cable Robson Acoustics have designed an Interconnect cable using a smaller form of ultra high purity silver ribbon conductor with silk and oil dielectric structure. The same additional cotton covering and rubber tubing for damping and vibration control is also used. 

The very best Viborg Rhodium plated or Tellurium copper RCA plugs are used in the unbalance version and Rhodium plated XLR connectors for the balanced cables.

After many hours of construction the whole cable is sent off for deep cryogenic treatment followed by cable conditioning on our in house Audiodharma cable cooker. The cable still requires a minimum run in period to settle into any given system and is now directional.

Reference interconnect features :

  • Pure silver ribbon conductors 99.999%  purity
  • Silk and oil dialectric
  • Rubber damping and vibration control
  • 2.5 day cable conditioned
  • Deep cryogenic treatment
  • Rhodium plated/ Tellurium copper non solder signature RCA connectors

For our own demonstration suites and systems, this cable has replaced a well known brand costing nearly £4000 with added holographic presentation and dimensionality.

Price - Reference Interconnect cable - £1200 for a 1m pair



Construction Ultra pure Silver foil with silk and oil dielectric and cotton and PVC outer braid. Rhodium plated RCA and XLR connectors
Capacitance 77pF - 1m
DCR - Ohms 0.008 Ohms - 1m
Inductance 0.5uH - 1m
Outer braid Cotton and PVC

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