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Room Acoustics

The culmination of 26 years of personal and professional involvement in speaker design and electronics has given me a unique perspective on achieving exceptional loudspeakers and associated products.

I am firmly of the belief that amazing sound quality does not have to break the bank and that audio nirvana can be sought through a combination of correctly designed loudspeakers, careful equipment matching and attention to a given acoustic space through measurement and speaker alignment.

A passion for music, a design artistry and an uncompromising approach to high standards of quality and service have given Robson Acoustics the standards that others aspire to.

In addition to the standard line of products I am now designing and building Masterpiece editions and "1 off" designs which will be hand built to exacting standards and concentrating on the ultimate in design aesthetics and sound quality.
Each model will have selected hardwoods which are often very difficult to source now due to their exotic nature such as burr Elm.
Component, cables and other materials will be selected for their ability to inspire a masterpiece edition and also to evoke deep emotions during audio playback.

Please contact me for specific designs, choice of materials or bespoke options and I will be happy to try and bring your own masterpiece to fruition.

Rob Hudson
Founder and chief designer
Robson Acoustics