MC Step Up Transformer

Masterpiece MC Step Up Transformer

The Masterpiece Edition MC step-up transformer was designed to be used with the best MM Phono stages.

Having spent many years appraising  and researching different transformers it is clear the quality of the transformer, the type of core and the overall housing plays a very big part in it's overall sound. The use of ultra pure silver wire for internal connections and the choice of RCA socket all plays a part in the overall standard the Masterpiece collection is renowned for.

Hand crafted using tone woods and optimum shielding with additional Mu-metal housing and using the theory of constrained layer damping with-in the hardwood case to minimise micro and macro vibrations.

Amorphous core windings and the use of high purity silver or copper wire to give incredible detail and resolution.

Available in various gains dependant on cartridge output levels and relative to the standard 47Kohm input impedance of most MM Phonostages. All 3 gain options are also available in standard high purity copper or silver wire.

  • MC8 -   To be used for cartridges with output levels of 0.8 - 1.2mV
  • MC16 - To be used for cartridges with output levels of 0.3 - 0.6mV
  • MC32 - To be used for cartridges with output levels of 0.2 - 0.3mV

As with all our designs we talk at length with our clients to discuss various options and suitability of their vinyl replay system to ensure a perfect integration between the SUT and phono stage.

Price -  Standard SUT - £1600

 Price - Silver SUT - £3500


Technology  High turns ratio amorphous cobalt core with Cardas high purity copper or silver  wire
Description  Moving coil MC input transformer
Gain  16dB or 26dB 
Frequency Response 10Hz to 100KHz 
Impedance - secondary  Static resistance of secondary - 105 ohms
Impedance - Primary  Static resistance of primary - 0.8 ohms
Max level @ 20Khz  +20dBu
Inductance @ secondary 80H<<
Dimensions Height - 10cm
Width - 10cm
Depth - 20cm
Net Weight 4Kg
Finishes Various exotic tone woods

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