Room Acoustics




Room Acoustics

It is a common misconception that room acoustics plays a minor role in the final sound of a system and with the exception of our Opulus and Regis loudspeakers we insist on a home demonstration prior to purchase.

Over many years of supplying and setting up speakers I have become acutely aware of the many factors room acoustics play on the overall sound. Room size, wall and floor construction, furnishing and even objects within a space can have a dramatic effect on the sound.

To this end it is vital to match a loudspeaker to a given acoustic space and musical tastes of an individual through good communication, room measurement and if necessary final adjustments of the crossover to achieve a flat in room response.

Selling a customer a pair of floor standing loudspeakers from a Hi Fi shop after a dem without home appraisal and consultation can be likened to showing someone a beautiful piece of art with a blindfold on.

To tell the whole story, home appraisal is important in allowing us to advise you on discovering the weak links in your system and helping you pinpoint how to balance equipment by trying different cables and listening positions etc.

Similarly, home cinema is equally important in establishing room acoustics to enable the correct choice of speaker, especially sub woofer placement.

A correctly set up home cinema from an audio perspective will give a whole new dimension to a movie experience and yet so many I encounter are incorrectly aligned.

Robson Acoustics have years of experience and un-biased advice to help you decipher the weak elements in your system by systematically appraising each element of the system to determine it’s weaknesses. This may be a pre-amplifier, the source or those extremely expensive interconnects that simply are not well matched to the characteristics of the amplifiers or source equipment.

Always remember that in the world of Hi Fi more expensive definitely does not always give you improved sound quality!

I have encountered so much very high end equipment that simply sounds awful, many of which looks stunning with beautiful casework and big shiny gold knobs but fails to stir emotions through reproducing musical notes just how they were recorded and making you feel like the artist was sitting in your room.

I could fill this section with complex equations and charts on room measurements but my intentions are not to send you into a coma but to encourage you to seek a path that will bring you closer to your dream 2-channel or home cinema set up.

With both 2 channel and multi channel, final evaluation and set up are always done with the most powerful and complex of instruments on the planet…the human ear and brain…