Robson MB2

Robson MB2

The MB2 Monoblock amplifier is based around the legendary Hypex NCore series of power amplifier module and housed in a high end diamond engraved aluminium case or with bespoke hardwood options. 

Capable of superbly holographic imaging and a vastly layered and wide soundstage. Vocals are vivid and real with a convincing portrayal of musical emotion.

Possibly the most accurate and detailed amplifier in the world with incredible dynamics and control and a perfect match for our range of tube pre-amplifiers.

The use of high quality line transformers introduces a lower noise floor and increased galvanic isolation allowing any form of balanced and un-balanced input to be connected perfect for tube pre-amps or fully balanced pre-amp outputs.

MB2 features

  • Rhodium plated pole connectors
  • Duelund Coherent Audio internal wiring
  • Choice of balanced or un-balanced input
  • Choice of output power with the same sonic signature
  • Galvanic line transformer isolation on the input stage

High current and damping factor the MB2 will drive the most difficult of loads with breath taking control and power.

Please enquire about bespoke front panels.

PRICE - 500W -  £1600.00 /PAIR

               250W -  £1150.00 /PAIR


Output power 500W 4 ohms 270W 8 ohms NC500

250W 4 ohms 130W 8 ohms NC250

Class of operation Class D
Minimum load 4 ohms
Frequency response and Distortion 10Hz to 50kHz @ 0.0015%
Signal to noise ratio 124dB
Output impedance 2.6 mohms
Peak output current 27 amperes - NC500  

17.5 amperes -NC250

Damping factor >1000
Power consumption 650W / 350W
Input voltage 240V/50Hz
Output connectors Rhodium plated binding posts
Input connectors Un-Balanced RCA or true balanced XLR ( optional )
Input impedance 10Kohms
Size 212W x 272D x 78H (mm)
Weight 2.7Kg

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