Argenti Standard Interconnect Cable

Argenti Standard Interconnect Cable

This may be our standard interconnect cable how-ever this is certainly not a cable to be compared with other similarly priced products on the market.

This will easily compete with other brands at many hundreds of pounds and often more.

Highly detailed with precise imaging and soundstage. 

A screened balanced cable of high purity silver plated copper terminated with either unbalanced RCA, or fully balanced XLR  sockets sourced to meet our exacting standards where even the outer screen is made from high purity silver plated copper.

Standard features :

  • Silver plated copper connectors
  • Screened cable for long runs and balanced cables
  • Conditioned by our Audiodharma cable cooker
  • Directional for signal flow
  • Gold plated Neutrik connectors
  • Excellent as a digital S/PDIF cable

Hand made in the UK using Neutrik connectors and silver solder and conditioned using our in house  Audiodharma cable cooker to save the normal 200 hours of running in silver related cables.

As with all our cables we offer a no quibble money back guarentee if for any reason you are not happy with this product.

Price  -  Un-balanced RCA 1m pair   £120.00

               Balanced XLR 1m pair         £130.00



Construction Silver plated copper. Fully balanced silver plated outer shield
Capacitance 120pF - 1m
DCR - Ohms 0.019 Ohms - 1m
Inductance 1.1uH - 1m
Outer braid None

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