Masterpiece Collection

  • Masterpiece edition Turntable - Masterpiece edition Turntable   Another exciting project and product development is based around the well known Swiss made Lenco turntable  which fundamentally is constructed extremely well with a precision motor and structure that lends itself to be upgraded and modified… Read More
  • Regis Masterpiece edition loudspeakers - Regis Mkll loudspeakers With the launch of the Masterpiece collection, it seemed perfect to implement a stand mount loudspeaker worthy of this range of exquisite products. The Regis Mkll is without doubt the finest small loudspeaker I have ever designed,… Read More
  • Class A Stereo power amplifier - Class A Stereo Power Amplifier Class A amplifiers have always had the reputation of warmth and a great soundstage and although class D amplifiers have made a great way forward in recent years, is there still room for this old… Read More
  • Voltiare ll Masterpiece edition loudspeakers - Voltaire ll Masterpiece edition loudspeakers As with the Regis Mkll Masterpiece edition, the Voltaire ll are also one of my favourite designs and this particular pair was designed around inspiration from Morgan cars which also have an interior design option… Read More
  • 300B integrated amplifier - 300B Integrated Amplifier For many years now I have wanted to see how good the 300B tube amplifier design actually is and to see how far this design can be pushed to extract every last drop of it's acclaimed holographic… Read More