Argenti Standard Loudspeaker cable

Argenti Standard Loudspeaker Cable

Based around our very well reviewed Ultra Loudspeaker cable and using the same high purity silver plated copper conductors and thick rubber dielectric to offer exceptional value for money and performance.

As with our standard interconnect cables, this is capable of very high performance and the cable we use as standard for the internal wiring for many of our loudspeakers to continue and perfectly match the signal flow from amplifier to drive units and cross-over so often overlooked in even high end loudspeakers.

Standard loudspeaker cable features :

  • Silver plated copper conductors
  • 4 days cable conditioning
  • Bespoke lengths
  • High quality gold plated plugs

A very smooth and "dark" loudspeaker cable offering a truly analogue charactor but with all the necessary detail and incredible imaging and soundstage.

Cable conditioned using our in house Audiodharma cable cooker for 4 days prior to shipping.

Price - Argenti Standard cable - £380 for a 2.5m pair



Construction Silver plated copper
Capacitance 180pF
DCR - Ohms 0.045
Inductance 12uH
Outer braid Cotton and PVC 

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