• Robson MB10 - Robson MB10 MB10 represents a reference grade power amplifier based around the Hypex N-Core 1200 series power amplifier. Designed for Ultra high end audio reproduction and a perfect match for our MV2 tube Pre-amplifier in both impedance and sonic characteristics.… Read More
  • Robson MB2 - Robson MB2 The MB2 Monoblock amplifier is based around the legendary Hypex NCore series of power amplifier module and housed in a high end diamond engraved aluminium case or with bespoke hardwood options.  Capable of superbly holographic imaging and a… Read More
  • Robson SA1 - Robson SA1 Based around a dual mono design using the incredible Hypex N-core 250W modules and using the same high quality aluminium case as our matching MV3 pre-amp, MC1 phono-stage and HA1 headphone amplifier to give a stunning rack of… Read More
  • Robson HA1 - Robson HA1 Years of research into a dedicated headphone amplifier which can drive the most difficult of loads with ease has culminated into a design based around the most dynamic amplifier modules in their class.  A dual mono design throughout… Read More