• Masterpiece Pre-amplifier - Masterpiece Edition pre-amplifier Designed around the MV2 Pre-amplifier but taken to a completely new level in terms of component specification, vacuum tube choice and internal wiring to give an even better sense of musical involvement and resolution. The Masterpiece edition… Read More
  • MV2 - MV2 Our flagship reference Pre-amplifier to compliment our mono block power amplifiers and Phono stage Pre-amplifiers. As standard hand made using very high quality components in the signal path, our MV2 valve pre-amplifier will compete with the very best products… Read More
  • MV3 - MV3 Our latest Preamplifier is a full tube line stage design using 4 x 12AX7 specially selected tubes. MV3 follows in the footsteps of the incredible MV2 using the same principles of minimum of active parts and high quality passive… Read More