Masterpiece edition Turntable

Masterpiece edition Turntable


Another exciting project and product development is based around the well known Swiss made Lenco turntable  which fundamentally is constructed extremely well with a precision motor and structure that lends itself to be upgraded and modified to create an incredibly good turntable.

The initial phase involves a complete strip down of every component with certain key parts replaced or modified. The main chassis is resprayed and lacquered before re-assembly and lubricated for longevity and noise reduction. Because the central spindle and platter are already of a very high standard and tolerance, these are polished and retained. The main bearing is either replaced with an upgraded bearing or modified with a new ruby ball bearing and thrust plate. The main motor is stripped down and inspected for wear or noise, re-assembled and lubricated. I have yet to find a motor which has failed these tests or brought back to a new standard.

The high mass plinth is a based around the natural qualities of certain hardwoods and their abilities to exhibit very high levels of resonance and damping control as well as high density and other acoustic characteristics.. This model is made from solid sections of Bubinga hardwood which is incredibly heavy and dense, perfect for reducing micro vibrations within the motor and main turntable structure. This combined with Tungsten carbide ball bearings on Panzerholz dampening feet ensure the combined structure of the turntable is virtually free from extraneous effects and vibrations.

A choice of tonearm boards made from either the same hardwood or Panzerholtz is available with additional dampening and specifically chosen for their acoustic characteristics and density.

Days of sanding and preparation are done prior to a high gloss lacquer finish with further wet sanding, buffing and final polishing before final assembly and soak testing.

A choice of tonearm is also available and from SME, Ikea and Reed along with a select number of cartridges. Please get in touch to discuss this product.


Price   £3500 without arm and cartridge - SOLD

Price  £8000 with SME series V arm - SOLD


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