Argenti Ultra Streaming cable

Argenti Ultra Streaming cable

Robson Acoustics has been in the streaming music business for over 12 years now and this is an area which is well established how-ever still provides chalenges especially in streaming music which ultimately comes from a source of data entering our house and sent to our devices through a router. A simple house router is not designed to provide clean digital transfer and so it ultimately comes down to knowledge and experience to remove as much as this degrading noise and interference passing between the router and your precious streamer or digital playback device. 

The digital Streaming cable is probably the most important chain in this search for audio nirvana along with a simple buffer between the router and streamer such as a network switch which re-clocks the signal and eliminates some of the noisy artefacts coming from the router. There are many good switches on the market and we currently sell the excellent Chord English Electric 8 switch. 

The quality of the streaming cable is extremely important and it is quite easy to do A/B comparisons between such cables which is why our new streaming cable represents very good value for money and provides a clear upgrade path for your streaming solutions. 

Made with silver plated high purity copper stranded cable with 4 layers of screening and finished with very high end plugs from Telegartner. Very flexible and with can be hand made in bespoke lengths.


Price - £350.00 - 1m



Construction Silver plated copper conductors with 5 layers of shielding. Telegartner high end metal plugs
Capacitance 45 pF @ 1m
DCR - Ohms 0.28  Ohms
Inductance N/A
Outer braid Cotton and PVC braid

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