Room Acoustics

Every design concept has to fulfil a number of criteria to become a successful icon. Not only does it have to sound spectacular but also to blend into a living space and become a beautiful and elegant piece of furniture.

I have many amusing tales to recount of the initial demonstration and subsequent choice of large speaker being chosen only to be informed later by the client that their partner had said “ there is no way are they going into our living room “.

The many aspects of design all play an important role and for example the choice to wrap many of our speakers in leather not only creates a softer tone due to refraction but also gives our clients a huge choice of luxury hides and hardwood combinations limited only by the imagination.

We are often asked to match furniture, fabrics and leather to existing décor and no other manufacturer can achieve this level of bespoke service.

Cabinet design and shape is based on the principle of non parallel sides where it is important for sound coming from the rear of the driver not to be reflected back to the cone and form multiple delayed impulses.

In essence the principles of design are to get as close as possible to reproducing the original audio signal through design, materials, construction and integration.