Pre Owned

A selection of pre-loved equipment in near mint condition. At Robson Acoustics there is always Hi-Fi equipment being upgraded or for other reasons meaning there is usually a bargain to be had. Please get in touch if you want to discuss any of the items below.

  • Burlington Floorstanding loudspeakers - Burlington Mkll Monitors For sale are these exquisite loudspeakers in as new condition in distressed leather and spalted copper beech. All specifications are in the product specification section. Price - £6000  now  £3800 Read More
  • Masterpiece Oak - Masterpiece Oak Monitors A bespoke one off design in 60mm solid oak and copper beech sides designed around the amazing Purify Audio 5.25" transducer and a single 6.5" side passive radiator and the same exotic ribbon tweeter from our Voltaire… Read More
  • Opulus - Opulus in as new condition in parchment hide and copper beech hardwood. Full spec components, internal wiring and Mundorf Angel hair dampening. Please see the product page for the full details.  Price - £2000  now  £1800 Read More
  • MC1 Phonostage pre-amplifier SE Spec - For sale is a MC1 Phonostage pre-amplifier in as new condition having little demonstration time. This is a SE spec MC1 with upgraded signal path components and internal wiring. Please see the full product page for further details. Price -… Read More
  • Argenti Ref loudspeaker cable – 0.8m pair - Argenti Ref loudspeaker cable as used with Mono block amplifiers and longer interconnect cables.  As new condition and constructed with solid silver foil over a silk and oil dielectric with gold plated pole connectors. Price - £600  now  £400 Read More
  • Bricasti M5 Streamer - For sale is the amazing Bricasti M5 Streamer used as a very high end streaming device or Roon endpoint. Comes with a bespoke Panzerholtz platform. In excellent to as new condition. This device connects to the ethernet and then to… Read More
  • Phasemation PP500 MC Cartridge - For sale is a Phasemation PP500 MC cartridge with less than 20 hours of run time and in as new boxed condition. This little known Japanese company has a range of cartridges which surpasses anything I have ever heard at… Read More