Room Acoustics

The constraints of mass production are many and varied where the cost of the materials are analysed and reduced to the Nth degree. It is a fact that the ratio of material cost to the final RRP is as much as 11 times which leaves little scope for quality components and construction materials. Add this factor to the excessive dealer margins and the end result is one of….. “not much for your buck”

Robson Acoustics products are hand crafted and utilise the finest components and materials with out the constraints of company bean counters and dealer margins.

The result is unparalleled performance at a price point which defies the high standards and quality and where aesthetic perfection is more than skin deep.

Each loudspeaker is hand finished and totally unique and quite often tuned to the clients individual taste and acoustic space.

No other company strives and excels in customer service and satisfaction where we endeavour to bring you closer to the very soul of a musical experience.

Having been asked to re-design many cross-overs for some high end speakers, I have had the opportunity to see first hand the low quality of internal wiring and components existing in many models.
All models in the Robson range of speakers are fitted with very high internal wiring and components normally only found in esoteric models with esoteric prices.

It is considered vital within the organisation that the choice of materials plays a huge role in closing the gap to the original sound.