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  • Reference Infra Subwoofer - Reference Infra Subwoofer From the early stages of Research and Development into a no compromise standalone subwoofer, it was apparent how vital this element of a home Theatre set up played in the overall rendition of audio playback. The essence… Read More
  • Tonitro Subwoofer - Tonitro Subwoofer The Tonitro does not have it's Latin name for thunder without cause. Being designed around a hugely respected Peerless subwoofer unit and a 300W rms amplifier built to Robson Acoustics exacting specifications, Tonitro gives exceptional performance and delivers… Read More
  • Chronos Wall Speakers - Chronos Wall Speakers The Robson Chronos wall speaker designed to bridge the gap between the Stella and Reference picture speaker utilising the same Ribbon tweeter as used in the Burmester B99 reference speaker from Germany. Combined with a pair of… Read More
  • Stella Wall Speaker - Stella Wall Speaker Carrying on with the same ethos of no compromise design and audiophile sound quality, our range of picture speakers are the perfect solution for Hi Fi, home cinema, commercial applications and the pro studio market to name… Read More