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Argenti Standard Interconnect Cable

Argenti Standard Interconnect Cable

This may be our standard interconnect cable how-ever this is certainly not a cable to be compared with other similarly priced products on the market.

This will easily compete with other brands at many hundreds of pounds and often more.

Highly detailed with precise imaging and soundstage. 

A screened balanced cable of high purity silver plated copper terminated with either unbalanced RCA, or fully balanced XLR  sockets sourced to meet our exacting standards where even the outer screen is made from high purity silver plated copper.

Standard features :

  • Silver plated copper connectors
  • Screened cable for long runs and balanced cables
  • Conditioned by our Audiodharma cable cooker
  • Directional for signal flow
  • Gold plated Neutrik connectors
  • Excellent as a digital S/PDIF cable

Hand made in the UK using Neutrik connectors and silver solder and conditioned using our in house  Audiodharma cable cooker to save the normal 200 hours of running in silver related cables.

As with all our cables we offer a no quibble money back guarentee if for any reason you are not happy with this product.

Price  -  Un-balanced RCA 1m pair   £120.00

               Balanced XLR 1m pair         £130.00



Construction Silver plated copper. Fully balanced silver plated outer shield
Capacitance 120pF - 1m
DCR - Ohms 0.019 Ohms - 1m
Inductance 1.1uH - 1m
Outer braid None

Argenti Standard Interconnect Cable - Image Gallery

Argenti Ultra interconnect cable

Argenti Ultra Interconnect Cable

In the quest to find a cable capable of unravelling the complexities of digital music and both analogue in character and very detailed and holographic, we believe we have developed a remarkable interconnect cable perfect for digital sources and also analogue vinyl replay.

The construction of this interconnect cable is similar to our Reference range of cables where a multistrand copper conductor is used instead of silver, along side a Physics foam and FEP dielectric housed in braiding and additional cotton for maximum air gap around the conductors.

Extremely low capacitance and Inductance.

Ultra Interconnect cable features :

  • True analogue sound
  • Extremely transparent sound
  • WBT connectors
  • Cable conditioned
  • Physics foam and FEP dielectric

Locking gold plated WBT RCA connectors or Neutrik XLR's are used and then cable conditioned using our in house Audiodharma cable cooker for a true "run in" and directional cable.

As with all our cables, we offer a no quibble money back guarentee if not satisfied.

Price - Argenti Ultra interconnect cable - £250 for a 1m pair 



Construction 68 Individual Litz copper with Physics foam and FEP dielectric
Capacitance 45pF @ 1m
DCR - Ohms 0.055  Ohms
Inductance 1.5uH
Outer braid Cotton

Argenti Ultra interconnect cable - Image Gallery


Argenti Reference interconnect cable

Argenti Reference Interconnect Cable

To compliment our Reference loudspeaker cable Robson Acoustics have designed an Interconnect cable using a smaller form of ultra high purity silver ribbon conductor with silk and oil dielectric structure. The same additional cotton covering and rubber tubing for damping and vibration control is also used. 

The very best Viborg Rhodium plated or Tellurium copper RCA plugs are used in the unbalance version and Rhodium plated XLR connectors for the balanced cables.

After many hours of construction the whole cable is sent off for deep cryogenic treatment followed by cable conditioning on our in house Audiodharma cable cooker. The cable still requires a minimum run in period to settle into any given system and is now directional.

Reference interconnect features :

  • Pure silver ribbon conductors 99.999%  purity
  • Silk and oil dialectric
  • Rubber damping and vibration control
  • 2.5 day cable conditioned
  • Deep cryogenic treatment
  • Rhodium plated/ Tellurium copper non solder signature RCA connectors

For our own demonstration suites and systems, this cable has replaced a well known brand costing nearly £4000 with added holographic presentation and dimensionality.

Price - Reference Interconnect cable - £1200 for a 1m pair



Construction Ultra pure Silver foil with silk and oil dielectric and cotton and PVC outer braid. Rhodium plated RCA and XLR connectors
Capacitance 77pF - 1m
DCR - Ohms 0.008 Ohms - 1m
Inductance 0.5uH - 1m
Outer braid Cotton and PVC

Argenti Reference interconnect cable - Image Gallery


Argenti Standard Loudspeaker cable

Argenti Standard Loudspeaker Cable

Based around our very well reviewed Ultra Loudspeaker cable and using the same high purity silver plated copper conductors and thick rubber dielectric to offer exceptional value for money and performance.

As with our standard interconnect cables, this is capable of very high performance and the cable we use as standard for the internal wiring for many of our loudspeakers to continue and perfectly match the signal flow from amplifier to drive units and cross-over so often overlooked in even high end loudspeakers.

Standard loudspeaker cable features :

  • Silver plated copper conductors
  • 4 days cable conditioning
  • Bespoke lengths
  • High quality gold plated plugs

A very smooth and "dark" loudspeaker cable offering a truly analogue charactor but with all the necessary detail and incredible imaging and soundstage.

Cable conditioned using our in house Audiodharma cable cooker for 4 days prior to shipping.

Price - Argenti Standard cable - £380 for a 2.5m pair



Construction Silver plated copper
Capacitance 180pF
DCR - Ohms 0.045
Inductance 12uH
Outer braid Cotton and PVC 

Argenti Standard Loudspeaker cable - Image Gallery

Argenti Ultra Loudspeaker Cable

Argenti Ultra Loudpeaker Cable

Robson Acoustics have been listening and appraising loudspeaker cable for many years now for both the internal wiring of speakers to dedicated loudspeaker cables in order for our range of speakers to sound at their optimum. We often sell cable which is identical to the internal wiring of our speakers to perfectly match the signal path where often in floor standing speakers the length of cable within the cabinet can be as long as a set of external cables. For this reason alone our dedication to finding the best cable is of the utmost importance and why Argenti was developed to provide a balance between our new Reference speaker cable and our standard speaker cable.

Argenti  speaker cable is made from directional silver plated copper of very high purity, which has the ability to reduce the “grain” in vocals and higher frequencies, tighten bass and give a “blacker” background to the music. Engineered to exacting standards, deep cryogenically treated and conditioned using our in house cable cooker which eliminates the dreaded long burn in process associated with cables having silver content.

Ultra Loudspeaker cable  features :

  • High purity Silver plated copper
  • Cryogenically treated
  • Vibration damping 
  • Cable conditioning prior to shipping
  • 4 wire weave with additional cotton dielectric 
  • Bespoke lengths available

Exceptional in terms of incredible micro dynamic resolution, soundstage and to impart as little distortion as possible. This is a very smooth sounding cable with no loss of detail.

Many speaker cables sound harsh by comparison which is often the distortion most cables exhibit.

Price -  Argenti speaker cable - £750 for a 2.5m pair 



Construction Silver plated copper - 4 wire weave geometry
Capacitance 130pF - 2m pair
DCR - Ohms 0.023 Ohms
Inductance 8uH
Outer braid Cotton

Argenti Ultra Loudspeaker Cable - Image Gallery


Argenti Reference Loudspeaker cable

Argenti Reference Loudspeaker Cable

After many years of searching for the ultimate ultra high purity silver core and then covering this in a silk and oil dielectric, we have finally come up with a true reference loudspeaker cable capable of competing with cables over £10,000.

Constructed using multiple  99.999 5N pure silver ribbon cables with a silk and oil covering and using additional cotton sleeving in a complex air and cotton secondary dielectric, finally housed in rubber tubing to eliminate vibration and offer damping control over the entire length.

The whole cable including banana plugs are then sent off for cryogenic treatment followed by a 4 day cable conditioning on our in house Audiodharma cable cooker.

Reference loudspeaker cable features :

  • Ultra pure 5N silver conductors
  • Cryogenically treated
  • Silk and oil dialectric
  • Damping and vibration control
  • Cable conditioned for 4 days
  • Rhodium plated banana plugs

This cable exhibits a truly magical analogue character with incredible bass precision and a huge soundstage.

Listening is believing!

Price - Reference loudspeaker cable - £1600 for a 2m pair



Construction Ultra pure silver foil with silk and oil dielectric and cotton and PVC outer braid
Capacitance 30pF twisted pair @ 1m,  130pF over 2m
DCR - Ohms 0.011 Ohms for a 1m pair,  0.022 Ohms for a 2m pair
Inductance 4.9uH for a 1m pair,  8.3uH over a 2m pair
Outer braid Cotton and PVC 

Argenti Ultra power cable

Argenti Ultra Power cable

Following the requests of many customers to produce a power cable of very high quality, we have come up with a design worthy of the Robson name and equal to some of the very best mains cables in the market today.

Using the latest technology UP-OCC individual pure  copper multi strand cable for high current use and improved dynamic performance. Deep Cryogenic treatment of all conductors and the latest low dielectric constant FEP insulation. The screening is catered for by an OFC copper braid and additional PVC covering with a top layer of PVC and cotton sleeving.

Argenti Ultra power cable features :

  • Conductors using UP-OCC and deep Cryogenic technology
  • Viborg silver power plugs
  • AMR gold fuse
  • Screened cable for RFI rejection
  • Pure deep cryogenic copper conductors with FEP insulation


Price - Ultra power cable - £350 for a 1m cable 



Construction Twin 12 AWG deep cryogenic treatment copper cable with FEP dielectric, Viborg silver power plugs
Capacitance  Live - Neutral - 175pF   Live to Earth - 316pF @ 1m cable
DCR - Ohms  Live - 0.019    Neutral - 0.008   Earth and screen - 0.012 @ 1m cable
Inductance  Live and Neutral - 1.2uH   Earth - 316uH
Outer Braid  PVC and cotton

Argenti Ultra power cable - Image Gallery

Argenti Ref power cable

Argenti Ref power cable

details to follow...



Construction Twin 12 AWG deep cryogenic treatment copper cable with FEP dielectric, Viborg power plugs
Capacitance  54pF Neutral to Live   38pF Earth to Live
DCR - Ohms  Earth - 0.006 Ohms   Live - 0.012 Ohms   Neutral - 0.008 Ohms
Inductance Live - 0.6uH   Neutral - 0.6uH   Earth - 1.5uH
Outer Braid  PVC and cotton

Argenti Ref power cable - Image Gallery

Argenti Ultra Streaming cable

Argenti Ultra Streaming cable

Robson Acoustics has been in the streaming music business for over 12 years now and this is an area which is well established how-ever still provides chalenges especially in streaming music which ultimately comes from a source of data entering our house and sent to our devices through a router. A simple house router is not designed to provide clean digital transfer and so it ultimately comes down to knowledge and experience to remove as much as this degrading noise and interference passing between the router and your precious streamer or digital playback device. 

The digital Streaming cable is probably the most important chain in this search for audio nirvana along with a simple buffer between the router and streamer such as a network switch which re-clocks the signal and eliminates some of the noisy artefacts coming from the router. There are many good switches on the market and we currently sell the excellent Chord English Electric 8 switch. 

The quality of the streaming cable is extremely important and it is quite easy to do A/B comparisons between such cables which is why our new streaming cable represents very good value for money and provides a clear upgrade path for your streaming solutions. 

Made with silver plated high purity copper stranded cable with 4 layers of screening and finished with very high end plugs from Telegartner. Very flexible and with can be hand made in bespoke lengths.


Price - £350.00 - 1m



Construction Silver plated copper conductors with 5 layers of shielding. Telegartner high end metal plugs
Capacitance 45 pF @ 1m
DCR - Ohms 0.28  Ohms
Inductance N/A
Outer braid Cotton and PVC braid

Argent Ultra Streaming cable - Image Gallery

Reference Digital Cables

Reference Digital AES and RCA Cable

The last few years has seen a huge increase in digital music whether streamed computer or from a CD transport etc. The importance of a good digital cable such as this AES or streaming cable is very important and all helps in eliminating the digital noise and distortion associated with this form of music replay. Quite often, replacing a cable can make a bigger difference than replacing the DAC, streamer or CD player.

Having listened to many high end cables and experimented with many different designs, the Ref digital AES cable is the culmination of years of searching for a truly spectacular cable design which will compete with much more expensive cables as all the Robson cables are capable of.

Robson Acoustics have a new range of cables designed around not only extremely high purity (99.999% or 5N) conductors but also insulation which gives a very low dielectric coefficient of 1.4. This foamed and cellular Fluoropolymer construction is now a standard construction design in nearly all our cables and responsible of the outstanding performance obtained from this and other products.

Solid 24 AWG pure copper wires with minimum twisting and with FEP insulation. Natural unbleached cotton, PTFE tape and an ultra flexible core material are used to create a natural buffer for mechanical resonances. The outer shield of silver plated copper is as far away from the critical signal conductors as possible. 

Finished with very high end Rhodium plated XLR plugs for that critical high resolution digital transfer.

New digital RCA cable now available. Details to follow soon......


Price - 1m balanced AES cable - £500

Price - 1m Digital RCA cable - £500



Construction Deep Cryogenically treated ultra pure copper with FEP insulation. Unbleached cotton and PTFE tape to buffer mechanical resonance. Silver braided shielding. Flexible elastomer inner and outer dielectric. Rhodium plated XLR connectors. 110 Ohm impedance
Capacitance 43pF @ 1m signal conductors /  61pF between braid earth and signal.
DCR - Ohms 0.13  Ohms
Inductance 1.28uH
Outer braid Cotton and pvc braid

Reference Digital AES Cable - Image Gallery