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Record Weight

Record Weight

The record weight is another one of those Hifi products we wonder if they make a difference or improvement.

After many months of testing and research, I can categorically say they do!

The solid tone wood Puk's such as African Blackwood, Lignum Vitae and various Burr woods are chosen for their natural ability to dampen micro vibrations inherent within a turntable and the record surface. 

Subtle but noticeable differences can be heard in a clearer resolution and reduced background noise. Piano notes become cleaner and more distinct with additional air around vocals and instruments. 

The latest generation of record weights now include a combination of African Blackwood and Panzerholtz with high grade Chromium ball bearings to give additional improvements over the standard hardwood Puk's.

Every record weight is hand made and polished with hard wax.

Price - standard record weight - £300

Price - Ref record weight - £560

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Shakti On-Lines

Shakti On-Lines

Shakti On-Lines use a specially engineered circuit adapted from the larger Shakti Stabilizer and provide efficient EMI reduction in situations where limited space is a consideration. Placed on all system cables (interconnects, speaker wire, power cables and video cables), they can have a significant improvement on sound quality. 

Placement is optimal near the center and/or close to connection points. In addition many users who build or modify their own equipment are placing On-Lines on or near critical internal circuit parts such as DAC chips, capacitors and internal wiring. Placement in all situations is facilitated by self-adhering Velcro circles that are placed on the cable or component to be treated. The On-Lines have matching Velcro on them that allows easy attachment or removal. 

Dimensions (inches): 3 L x 5/8 W x 3/8 H.


Price - £145 for a set of 2

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Shakti Stones

Shakti Stones

Shakti Electromagnetic Stabiliser stone uses proprietary noise reduction circuitry to absorb and dissipate electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Both EMI and RFI degrade signal transfer and sound quality. 

The word Shakti means energy. Through an energy conversion, inductive coupling process, the antenna-like circuits within Shakti attract and then resistively convert EMI to non-interfering heat. This increases horsepower and speeds up 0 to 60 times in automotive engines and improves resolution in high definition audio/video systems. No electrical connection is required because all interactions take place through radiated field mutual coupling. 

Simply place Shakti units in near proximity to your audio component to obtain performance improvements and prepare to be amazed.


Price - £295.00

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Panzerholz isolation Platforms and feet

Panzerholz Dampening Equipment feet and platforms

Panzerholtz is simply amazing at draining away micro and macro vibrations from equipment, especially digital equipment such as DAC's, CD players and streaming devices.
In simple terms, the feet reduce resonance to give a cleaner and more musical presentation of music.
These are the 2nd generation of Panzerholtz feet using 50mm thick laminated beech highly compressed and glued. This combined with a Tungsten carbide ball bearing provides an extremely high level of microphonic and resonance reduction and also maximises on the  theory of constrained-layer dampening which I strongly believe in and use in many other designs.
I am not a believer in "Isolation feet" and have proved time and time again that many of these products do not work and quite often make matters worse. 
As with everything I sell, there is a simple return policy if you are not happy and I have had situations where HiFi equipment feet including these Panzerholtz feet provide an unclear or difficult to gauge aspect to musical reproduction refinement.
The MB2 monoblocks for example do not seem to benefit from these feet or any others I have tried but for most equipment you will definitely hear a difference and these do work and with no snake oil!
Height - 50mm
Width - 45mm


Price - £160 for a set of 3

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