Voltaire Zero

Voltaire Zero

Our new and exciting range of loudspeakers using the well renowned bass/mid drive units from Volt Loudspeakers Ltd begins with Voltaire Zero, a true reference monitor able to dig depths into recordings seldom heard before.

Using a critically doped 8” bass unit with high linear excursion characteristics and low midrange colouration and able to achieve very good transient stability at high sound levels.

Coupled with a highly specified and large ribbon tweeter able to crossover at lower frequencies gives the Zero much of its incredible vocal clarity and refined sound.

Superb imaging and a fabulously large soundstage are just some of the qualities to expect from these monitors along with bass dynamics only Volt are able to achieve through innovative engineering and state of the art performance and design.

In order to extract every last nuance from a recording drive units of this quality require associated components of equal stature.

Now available with Duelund Coherent Audio oil/cotten internal wiring as standard.

The SE model is also available with Duelund  silver oil/cotten wiring with a CMR Clarity cap on the tweeter and WBT connectors.

Price  -  Standard model         £2000.00

Price - SE spec model              £2200.00


Technology MDF matrix construction
Description 2 way, linear phase, sealed enclosure
Drive Units 1 x 234 mm doped plastic coned
bass/mid range unit
1 x Low mass high precision Ribbon Tweeter
Frequency Response 35Hz to 40KHz +/- 2dB on axis
Impedance 8 Ohms nominal, 5 Ohms minimum
Sensitivity 88dB spl at 1 metre on axis. 2.83V input
Crossover 2nd order bass roll-off
2nd order tweeter
Power Handling 200W peak un-clipped programme
Dimensions Height - 47cm
Width - 24cm
Depth - 26cm
Net Weight 13Kg
Finishes Standard finishes available in satin black acrylic paint WBT pole sockets, Mundorf capacitor, aircore Inductor and silver plated internal wiring as standard.

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